What the Neighborhood needed.

Opened in 2015, Nation Kitchen & Bar energized the revitalization of the historic Pendleton neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the first retail business to open it's doors in over a decade, there is no doubt that we're incredibly passionate about our community and the guests that visit it.

While we hang our hat on world-class burgers and cocktail program, it's our people are what make this place truly special.

Pull up a stool. Join the Nation.

"All other Nations are welcome, except for Carrie."


At the turn of the 20th century, 6' tall Kentucky-born Carrie Nation ravaged bars across America. Wielding a hatchet, she claimed a divine ordinance to promote temperance by smashing any tavern and saloon that crossed her path. The slogan All Nations welcome but Carrie became a bar-room staple.

Between 1900 and 1910, Carrie was arrested 30 times for her 'hatchetations' until she arrived in Cincinnati. Receiving word of her impending visit, Over-The-Rhine bar owners braced for the worst. Yet upon her arrival Carrie took one step onto Vine street, turned around and left.

When asked why she did not follow her usual path of destruction, Carrie's response was 

I would have dropped from exhaustion before I went one block for all the bars in this city.

Nation serves as a tribute to the rich history of this city and neighborhood. It is meant to be an extension of your living room, a place for gathering neighbors, and a foundation for building community.



(513) 381-3794



1200 Broadway
in Pendleton
Cincinnati, OH 45202


BAR Hours

M-Th 11a–12a
F 11a–2a
S 10a-2a
Su 10a–12a


now serving lunch!

M-Th 11a-10p
F 11a-11p
-weekend brunch-
S brunch 10a-2p
S dinner 2p-11p
Su brunch 10a–2p
Su dinner 2p-9p


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